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Fire - The burning flame of passion
Our Expertise
Aanya creates and identifies attractive early stage development opportunities for global institutional and individual investment. In turn, Aanya manages the complete project end-to-end to optimise returns for investors.

Aanya's key success mantras are:
Aanya We source and create highly attractive real estate development projects We invest early stage so we can provide maximum expertise to the development throughout the project lifecycle. We choose strategic, up-coming locations and create projects that optimise development use to generate value for investors and customers alike.
Aanya We work fast as we self perform just about everything. We take responsibility for all phases of our projects from site selection to design to excavation to construction to marketing, sales and asset management. In short, we do it all and ensure that we manage developments on time and within budget.
Aanya We deliver a quality product at the best value in the market. Our in-house design and engineering team includes some of the industry's most experienced professionals. Every material, coating, part and process is tested to ensure strict compliance with the most demanding and appropriate standards. We are able to cut out unnecessary profit centers and provide very competitive prices to our end customers.
Aanya We have more product available than most developers. Our Principals have a legacy of successfully completing more than 4 million square feet of residential space in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. With our investors we currently own and manage 21 million square feet and have sizeable land holdings to continue our aggressive building plan well past 2015.
Aanya We have superior knowledge about our market. Aanya enjoys a huge advantage over competing developers in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Our executive team and the vast majority of our employees are seasoned in the region. We are trusted here and we have strong relationships with local municipalities, permitting agencies, utility companies and suppliers. This depth of local experience ensures that our projects are completed smoothly and without delay.
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